How to choose a VoIP Gateway

VoIP gateways VoIP Gateways are a fundamental component of VoIP service as they handle many of the traffic management and call handling aspects of the network. A poor gateway choice can lead to performance problems, a detrimental cost-to-benefit ratio and a variety of challenges. When selecting a VoIP Gateway , it is important to understand […]

How to Choose VOIP/SIP phone

VoIP phones are available in various models, brands, specifications. How do you choose the right phone for the PBX system?? Below are some pointers which can help you choose the IP phone. Prefer phones which are IOT tested on the IPPBX Check for Brands which are IOT (Interoperability tested) on your phone system. That ways […]

NEW Product- Grandstream GXP 1620/1625 HD IP Phone

Introducing the NEW  GXP1620/1625 Grandstream’s standard IP phone for small businesses, this Linux-based model includes 2 lines, 3 XML programmable soft keys, and 3-way conferencing. Both phones include dual 10/100M network ports and the GXP1625 includes integrated PoE. The GXP1620/1625 also supports multi-language and call-waiting.